AVEK's Role in the Antelope Valley

The Antelope Valley-East Kern Water Agency (AVEK) encompasses 2,300 square miles in the Mojave Desert area of California, northeast of Los Angeles, and includes over twenty municipal users as well as Edwards AFB, Palmdale Air Force (Plant 42) and U. S. Borax.

Because groundwater resources were severely overdrafted, AVEK contracted for a supplemental supply of municipal and industrial water (144,844 acre-feet) from the California State Water Project.

Of the 144,844 acre-foot annual entitlement, the municipal and industrial, and agricultural water customers are currently using about 75,000 acre feet per year.

Municipal and Industrial water is provided by four potable water treatment plants with capacities from 4 to 90 mgd.

The Antelope Valley-East Kern Water (AVEK) is the third largest State Water Project (SWP) Contractor in the State and, in cooperation with the other water wholesalers and retailers in the Region has analyzed the most suitable locations and methods for water storage. Based on these studies and reports, groundwater basin banking is the most appropriate and efficient storage mechanism. The need for groundwater storage may also increase significantly in the near future as a result of the pending adjudication of the Antelope Valley Groundwater Basin. The WSSP2 could serve as a major component of the physical solution for the Antelope Valley Groundwater Basin by providing for better management of the SWP water available to the Region.

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