AVEK 2017 Water Year in Review



March 15, 2018
Contact: Dwayne Chisam, General Manager
Antelope Valley-East Kern Water Agency
Email: info@avek.org  =  Tel. (661) 943-3201

AVEK 2017 Water Year in Review

PALMDALE, CA Abundant water supplies throughout California in 2017 enabled Antelope Valley-East Kern Water Agency to not only meet, but even exceed customer needs, allowing AVEK to store excess water in banking facilities for future use.

AVEK ended 2017 with an 85% allocation of imported water from the state Department of Water Resources – the Agency which oversees operations of the State Water Project, locally called the California Aqueduct. AVEK took advantage of the record-setting wet year by delivering 52,000 acre-feet of water to the agency customers, meeting their demands, and by importing and storing approximately 72,000 acre-feet of excess supplies into the Westside and Eastside water banks as a safety net of sorts to furnish customers during droughts or other dry periods. An acre-foot equals 325,851 gallons, the amount industry experts claim is consumed annually in the average single-family Antelope Valley household.

The Agency’s water banks can be viewed as water savings accounts in which AVEK made a large deposit in 2017. Looking back at the seven-year time frame from 2010 through 2016, which included an historic five-year drought, AVEK banked a total of 43,500 acre-feet of water. By adding in the 72,000 acre-feet banked in 2017, the Agency has stored nearly 116,000 acre-feet to date.

Currently AVEK has approximately three years of customers’ demands in the Westside Water Bank and one year of customer demand stored in San Luis Reservoir. The agency will concentrate its efforts on maintaining that reliability to benefit the customers, with supplies going to municipal and industrial users that include retail water suppliers, mutual water companies, and farming interests.

The Eastside Water Bank continues operating as designed, with its main function of improving water quality as well as providing a facility to store additional water for agency customers.

During 2017 AVEK also exchanged some surplus water to other State Water Contractors – for delivery in a future year when that water can be banked. In addition, the Agency acquired some funds for delivery of the exchanged water at no cost to our customers. Those funds provide AVEK with a revenue source.

Although 2018 began as a warm and dry winter, AVEK’s continued efforts to meet the Strategic Plan goals of providing safe and reliable water supplies to customers is coupled with the agency’s success in the proper planning for a secure water supply. By leveraging new capital sources to facilitate the delivery of water to the Antelope Valley at no cost to its customers demonstrates that the Agency’s long-range plans and strategies are working.

AVEK met all its demands responsibly in 2017.

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